Video: Brainstorm Army With Special Guest, Nate Cain


Nate Cain was recently a guest on Brainstorm. He is running as a congressional hopeful for West Virginia’s 2nd District, recently capturing attention for his bold stance on holding military leaders accountable to their oath of office. Rooted in his unwavering faith and dedication to serving the nation, Cain’s campaign emphasizes integrity and moral leadership. His fusion of patriotism with spiritual conviction aims to instill a sense of duty and ethical governance, resonating not only within the military but across the political spectrum. Cain’s vision for America intertwines a robust defense with moral fortitude, emphasizing the alignment of actions with the solemn oaths taken to uphold the nation. His campaign narrative, which integrates the principles of love and service from his Christian faith, offers a unique perspective on ethical leadership and unity in addressing the nation’s challenges. 

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