The Conservative Classroom Podcast, Episode 51: Building Future Leaders Through the Art of Argument w/ James Fishback, Founder of Incubate Debate


Embark on a journey into the heart of critical thinking with James Fishback, the passionate founder of Incubate Debate, as he joins us to illuminate the transformative power of robust debate in education. We’re not just talking about any debate; we’re talking about the kind that shapes future leaders, fosters American pride, and breaks the chains of echo chambers. James shares his personal evolution through the world of debate and his vision for Incubate Debate, a sanctuary for students of all political leanings to engage in spirited yet respectful discourse, without the dark cloud of retribution for their beliefs. This episode is a rallying cry for the revival of the revered Lincoln-Douglas debate style, which once set the standard for intellectual rigor and depth in American education.

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