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Corrupt Government / Globalization

Arrested 350+ Times for Doing Christ’s Work?

Meet Artur Pawlowski, a man so strong in his faith of Jesus that he stands up to police, SWAT teams, and his corrupted Canadian government.

Faith / Relationships

Marcelle Valle on Giving Everything Back to God

Learn why a self-made millionaire wants to sell all of her businesses to use the profits to help others succeed. After listening to Marcelle’s story,

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General Michael Flynn (r) on the Power of Faith

Scott Zimmerman speaking: “You have no idea how kind and humble General Flynn is until you get the opportunity to watch him interact with ‘ordinary’

Child/Human Trafficking

How Open Borders Actually Costs YOU Monies

John Thaler, author of Report to the Governor, shares insights about how drug, gun, and human trafficking drive up the costs of nearly everything in

Corrupt Government / Globalization

Waking Up to Realities of Our Healthcare Situation

Courtenay Turner shares her insights gleaned from a lifetime of personal experiences, hundreds of interviews/podcasts, and untold hours of reading and research. Learn simple, immediate