Jason Bermas of “Loose Change” Fame Shares His Views on Current Events


This was an intense moment for Scott, as it was Jason’s documentary that awakened him to all the atrocities surrounding the lies and propaganda regarding 9/11 so many years ago. Full version of “Loose Change” may be viewed here: https://youtu.be/KW0KgVxbt1w?feature=shared

Scott Zimmerman here… When my wife (Patty) came up with the name “Maga Scene”, neither of us knew exactly what it meant or how we would use it. Well, it became this website for soft red pilling and a launching pad for the “E.A.S.T. Support Groups” I started with Michael Flynn Jr.

As soon as I started my show, Patty said, “I hope that someday you get an opportunity to interview Jason Bermas.” When I asked why that one person was so important to her, she reminded me that it was his documentary that woke me up to 9/11 as well as other atrocities inflicted upon us by our own government.

When we were set up in the “media area” for the Reawaken America Tour at Troy, Michigan, Patty looked across the room and spotted Jason setting up. She–literally–ran over, introduced herself, pointed at me and told him, “Jason, it was your documentary that woke up my husband and Scott has since wakened untold numbers of people because of you. Would you please consider an interview with him?”

Who could say no to that?

Thank you, Jason, for all you’ve done (and continue to do) to bring difficult truths into the minds of millions of waking people!

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