Introducing “MYGA” Healing Programs


Theo Fleury brings his lifetime experiences in mental trauma, addictions, and self-healing to a world chock-full of good people who are suffering from the lingering hangovers inflicted by cabal behind the planned-demic. If, after watching this conversation, you want information about joining a healing group, please email Scott at: (include your phone number and he will call you).

Theo and Scott met during their interview here at MAGA Scene, and discovered how much they have in common, even though they grew up in different countries and lived out dissimilar lives. Both had suffered severe depressions during the forced lockdowns and then embarked on their own search for mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Tune in as they share some of their stories and why they are both so excited to offer others the opportunity to make themselves whole again via small, intimate, confidential group sessions.

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