How an online Ad about the “Royal Christmas” got me to write this post —about UFOs by Cognitive Carbon


CognitiveCarbon takes you on a delightful journey through complex topics in science, technology, philosophy and politics via a story-telling style that makes it easy to follow. Often, at the end of a post you’ll wind up in a place far from where you started, with new ideas and perspectives that you didn’t see coming when you start reading! In this piece, CognitiveCarbon introduces you to the idea that the word “Government” should always be replaced in your mind with the phrase “a group of other people with their own agendas and self-interests which may align or conflict with your own.” Read on to see why.

Other recent posts at CognitiveCarbon’s substack include this piece on AI: Game Theory and AI – CognitiveCarbon’s Content (

Stay tuned for more blockbuster articles coming soon about SARS-COV-2 and the future of AI

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