Fractured Hope: A Mother’s Fight for Justice by Rachel Bruno


A newborn baby that just won’t stop crying. The nanny says he’s gassy. Six hours later, the baby is on his way to the emergency room. The diagnosis: cranial fracture that requires brain surgery. The prime suspect: Mom. The ultimate judge: God.

One fateful morning in 2015, Rachel had no idea that her life would be forever changed. She would soon find herself at the center of a criminal investigation. False allegations were made about her character. She was threatened with the possibility of jail and, ultimately, the loss of both her sons to the Foster Care system due to allegations of child abuse.

While Rachel and her husband fight to keep their family together and prove Rachel’s innocence, an army of people from all over the world begins to pray. Amid the pain, what seemed impossible began to happen.

The story that unravels is wrought with corruption, lies, and scandals about a system that is purported to protect children. Rachel was thrust into the world of malpractice, family court and child advocacy that revealed devastating flaws in the system and shocking revelations.

This heart-wrenching true story will have you questioning how a family could put up a fight against multiple government agencies and ultimately prevail. You will witness the insurmountable power of God and his infinite grace to protect His children against all odds.

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