Curious About the Steps the Deep State Used to Confuse Your Loved Ones Regarding Both 9/11 and Covid (and vaxxes)? Buckle up!


Richard Gage, Founder of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” shares his irrefutable proof (step-by-step) of how pre-planned psychological operations were unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. You may wish to watch this with people just beginning to awaken, but only if Building 7 or the cruise missile hitting the Pentagon is just too much for them to swallow. This would make a great entree into a six-course red pilling buffet!

Mr. Gage has given up his architectural career, relationships, his life savings and just about everything else that used to be important to him the very day he watched THREE skyscrapers come down in perfect free fall. This had never happened in the history of construction, so Richard went on a quest to learn (and share) the ugly truths that happened on September 11, 2001.

If you feel so moved, please visit his site, learn about his work, and send him a dollar (or a million) to help him stay on his important journey. He’s VERY close to presenting his findings to the Supreme Court of the state of New York to re-open an unbiased, third-party investigation into how two planes can collapse three buildings. Click on the screenshot below.

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