Category: Open Border / Migration Crisis

Mass deportation or start learning to speak Spanish! Human trafficking is, by far, the most lucrative of all crimes. Let’s all follow the money, shall we?

Child/Human Trafficking

How Open Borders Actually Costs YOU Monies

John Thaler, author of Report to the Governor, shares insights about how drug, gun, and human trafficking drive up the costs of nearly everything in

Child/Human Trafficking

Sneak peek into “Report to the Governor” …

… tune in as author John Thaler provides you with insights regarding racketeering, bribery, and election fraud! After viewing this overview, do a deep dive

Child/Human Trafficking

80,000 Children by Burn Notice

Back in 2018, researchers found a very obscure Trump tweet from 2012 relating to child trafficking. Trump misspelled the word children. I ask whether this

Conspiracy Theories

Fziamond’s ‘Cartoons’ Episode 27

Cartoons episode 27 brings humor, faith, music and common sense to an upside down system. We hit on open borders, an elderly, stuttering mental patient

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