Article: Truth Social and Starlink. By Cognitive Carbon


This post will try to shed some light, from a more technical perspective, on why StarLink, or something like it, is so important.

Social media platforms are built from software (obviously). There is an analogy I can use here that people are more familiar with: building houses. Just as with home building, modern software relies on existing frameworks and materials. Imagine if every time you wanted to build a house you had to grow trees, cut down trees, saw them into lumber, dig up sand and clay and mix them to bake bricks, mine ore to smelt into copper, put sand in a blast furnace to make glass, pump oil out of the ground to make a slurry for paint, etc.

Obviously, that’s not how it’s done in the modern era. An architect designs a new house, but he relies on the fact that it will use standard wire, asphalt shingles, copper and PVC pipe of various standard sizes, standard sized windows and doors, carpet material, pre-cut lumber, drywall, etc. He designs the floor plan, and the exterior look and feel, and he can make a unique looking home for you; but it relies on standardized materials, nonetheless.

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