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Corrupt Government / Globalization

Waking Up to Realities of Our Healthcare Situation

Courtenay Turner shares her insights gleaned from a lifetime of personal experiences, hundreds of interviews/podcasts, and untold hours of reading and research. Learn simple, immediate

Corrupt Government / Globalization

What Can We Do When Governments Fail?

Stacey and her husband are tending to the needs of 5 special needs children from other parents. Please help them! Please share this on all

Donald J. Trump

Two Patriots Discuss “The Great Awakening”

Scott and Joe Rambo share a myriad of thoughts regarding their journeys (apart and together); both the highs and the lows. Both gentlemen are transparent,

Child/Human Trafficking

Sneak peek into “Report to the Governor” …

… tune in as author John Thaler provides you with insights regarding racketeering, bribery, and election fraud! After viewing this overview, do a deep dive

COVID / Vaxxes / Big Pharma

Ryan Heath is on a Mission to Save Our Republic

Scott is blown away at the focus and intensity with which this young man is fighting furiously to protect what tatters remain of our Constitutional

Faith / Relationships

Introducing “MYGA” Healing Programs

Theo Fleury brings his lifetime experiences in mental trauma, addictions, and self-healing to a world chock-full of good people who are suffering from the lingering