Beer at the Parade

Corrupt Government / Globalization

Waking Up to Realities of Our Healthcare Situation

Courtenay Turner shares her insights gleaned from a lifetime of personal experiences, hundreds of interviews/podcasts, and untold hours of reading and research. Learn simple, immediate

Conspiracy Theories

Video: What do 9/11 and Covid Have in Common?

They both deployed the exact same 13 steps to brainwash a majority of the population worldwide! Richard Gage AIA teaches how the deep state systematically

Corrupt Government / Globalization

What Can We Do When Governments Fail?

Stacey and her husband are tending to the needs of 5 special needs children from other parents. Please help them! Please share this on all

Donald J. Trump

Two Patriots Discuss “The Great Awakening”

Scott and Joe Rambo share a myriad of thoughts regarding their journeys (apart and together); both the highs and the lows. Both gentlemen are transparent,

Child/Human Trafficking

Sneak peek into “Report to the Governor” …

… tune in as author John Thaler provides you with insights regarding racketeering, bribery, and election fraud! After viewing this overview, do a deep dive

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